Global Growth Priority

Talent and Marketing Organization

Foster Modern Marketing’s Talent.

Achieve true diversity and inclusion throughout marketing’s talent pool. Develop the new talent and organizational workflows to drive peak performance across the existing marketing talent pool as well as attract a new generation of marketers.


1. Achieve true diversity and inclusion in our organizations.

2. Attract the very best talent to the marketing industry.

3. Transform the capabilities and organizational models to support modern marketing.

4. Develop CMOs to drive more growth.


1. Deliberately and with intention, develop a framework for acquiring, advancing and retaining talent within their own organizations.

2. Build the talent pipeline by connecting business and academia.

3. Make stronger connections between CMOs and academia. Address gaps in academic marketing curriculum to inspire students and attract them to a marketing career. Consider offering CMOs as speakers for the 4 Growth Priorities.

4. Facilitate CMOs ability to learn from SMEs outside of their own companies. Potential topics would not be purely marketing, but related/tangential skills and knowledge such as Story Telling, Data Analytics, etc. Create peer-to-peer learning exchanges.


Global Chief Product and Marketing Officer at the LEGO Group


CMO at American Express


Lynn Blashford Chief Marketing Officer at White Castle

Jennifer Breithaupt Industry Leader

Frank Cooper Chief Marketing Officer BlackRock

Mauricio Ferreira Chief Marketing Officer, Latin America & Caribbean at Microsoft

Neil Golden Lecturer Northwestern University Former CMO

Jennifer Halloran Head of Marketing and Brand at MassMutual

Alicia Hatch Chief Marketing Officer at Deloitte Consulting

Rahul Malhotra Head of Brand Strategy and Stewardship at Shell

Patrick McLean SVP & Chief Marketing Officer at Walgreens

Sarah Personette VP, Global Client Solutions at Twitter

Andrea Sengara Head of Marketing, U.S. at Campari Group


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