Activate your B4H Strategy

Reframe your marketing platform in a way that aligns with its elevated responsibility in business – as “B4H” (Brands FOR Humans).


Global CMO Growth Council Events

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Stakeholder Capitalism:

Does a new standard require a new management science?

NEW: Research from Yale School of Management.

Purpose-led brands, ESG, Conscious Capitalism, Stakeholder Capitalism. A new generation of consumers, employees, investors and citizens have rising expectations of business. A new project at Yale School of Management is exploring "the how" -- what skills, methods and tools can help leaders create stakeholder value? And what is the opportunity for marketing leaders to expand their role and elevate their impact in this new business era?


The State of Creativity:

The Essential Digest

Uncover the most pertinent findings from the official Cannes LIONS State of Creativity research project. Findings from 1,500 of the most senior members of the global marketing community reveal how brands are using creativity in their growth strategies. We’ll cover key challenges, opportunities, creative tools and tactics driving creative success in 2021.


Brand Growth KPIs:

New universal frameworks for B2B and B2C Brands

What brand metrics correlate most strongly to growth in your organization? What brand drivers matter most to your CEO/CFO? We’ll share the list of brand growth KPIs formed by the Global CMO Growth Council community, across multiple industries, company sizes, and regions.


Growth Council CMO Exchange

For Client-Side CMOs only - Peer-to-Peer Connections

The Global CMO Growth Council Exchange To enable ongoing productive dialog, we are calling on all client-side CMOs to actively participate in a collaborative peer exchange forum that will benefit each CMO, their brands and our industry. We have initiated “The Global CMO Growth Council Exchange, a peer-to-peer sharing database.


Activate the B4H Growth Platform

The B4H Mission

The Global CMO Growth Council, representing 1,200+ chief marketers from the world’s leading brands established a clear, universal path for marketers to help drive business growth and benefit all of humanity..


Q1 2021 Progress Report

Track Global CMO Growth Council Progress

The Growth Council has guided the development of operational business systems organized around 4 Global Growth Priorities, and the 12-point Industry Growth Agenda introduced by the ANA in 2016. This report details the outcomes of initiatives to activate industry business systems that accelerate economic and societal growth.